All Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) games must have referees assigned by the WYSL Assignor, Victor Borges, ( (914-235-5110 X2004.)

If you are asked directly by a team, club or an outside party to ref a game, call the Assignor or the President for guidance.

Do not agree to officiate any game where you do not know the teams and/or the affiliation is unclear. If you have any doubt about accepting an assignment, please contact the Assignor or WSRO President.


U8 thru U12 age levels are handled via the self-assigning process.
Assignor, Rich Rodriguez, will post in the self assigning U8 through U12 games in two week increments. A self-assigning referee can sign on to GameOfficials and follow the attached step by step directions to select their game.  To see the step by step directions click HERE


U13 and older games are assigned by the assignor based upon each referee’s availability. It is absolutely essential that referees block out dates on GameOfficials when they cannot accept assignments. The blocking function permits one to block out certain hours, like the AM or PM, and the assignor will assign accordingly.


Uncovered games will be sent out on an email.  If you can find uncovered games that fit into your schedule, even if it is just a single game, please notify the assignor via email or self assign if possible. The uncovered list on the website is updated through Sunday morning and games are removed as they get coverage.

For Tournaments please look at Tournament web page.