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2024 ENY New Referees Courses

September 28th, 2023

To Register please click HERE 

U.S. Soccer Grassroot Referee Recertification 2024

ENY / US Soccer has NOT scheduled the recertification yet


In Case of Thunder or Lightning

At the first sound of thunder or sign of lightning, referees must pull all players off the pitch and seek shelter in a nearby building or vehicles.  

Games  should not restart until at least 30 minutes have passed since the last thunder or lightning. 

Additional sound of thunder or sign of lightning, resets the 30 minute count.





For those referees new to the process, we would like to clarify some terms. 

WSRO – This organization is the Westchester Soccer Referee Org. providing referees with Registration support and Educational and development opportunities.

MetroAssignors is an assigning group which works with the WSRO and assigns in GameOfficials, to higher level games for the NY Club Soccer League,  EDP,  ENY State Cup,  NY League Cup and  other leagues and Tournaments.

MetroAssignors also works with the WSRO to provide Mentors and Instructors for the WSRO referees. To reach MetroAssignors email MetroAssignors@gmail.com.


WYSL is the Westchester Youth Soccer League.  This is the league most ‘new” referees should start at.  WYSL has recreational level and young age games for referees.

Victor Borges is the assignor for the WYSL.  New Referees information will be sent to WYSL assignor Victor Borges after they have completed their Field Training and all necessary requirements with WSRO


USSF Referee Report Form 

USSF Development & Guidance form (D&G)

To use either form, CLICK on link and fill it out.  Once report is completed, PRINT and SAVE as a PDF.  Then email PDF to Assignor or mentee.



IFAB Law Changes 2023-24

IFAB New Laws Video Compilation ( Changes, Q&A, Practical Advice)