LATE Registration Meeting- Jan 28th -Last Chance !!

LATE REGISTRATION DEADLINE – Late Registration meeting is Saturday, January 28th, 2017 from 9:30 AM till 11:00 AM.  Late registration fee of $25 applies.  Non WSRO members also pay an additional $25 processing fee. To fulfill the requirements click on Reg and Recert Procedure.                        USSF REGISTRATION FORM – Must bring PRINTED form filled out and signed, including your USSF number.  If you do not know it, see below.            RECERTIFICATION TEST – Online test is closed. If you have not taken the test you must do so at the meeting on January 28th. Test will only be administered between 9:30 and 10:00 am.  Test will not be administered after 10:00 am. You will have until 11:00 am to finish the test. NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER!!   If you did take the test before it was closed, then you must provide receipt (with test score) at the meeting. Can be electronic/digital.       PAYMENT RECEIPT – Please bring your SIPlay payment receipt. Can be electronic/digital. Payment at the meeting will be cash or check, NO CARDS.      RISK MANAGEMENT “COMPLETED” FORM – Referees over 18 years old MUST complete Risk Management, which takes a few days.  We ONLY accept the “completed” receipt.  If you do not have the “completed” form you will be turned back and will NOT be registered. Can be electronic/digital.                      LEVEL 9 WHO ARE REGISTERED FOR THE LEVEL 8 BRIDGE COURSE do not need to go through the Registration process.                                               HOW DO I GET MY USSF NUMBER? – go to:  On the top right, Click on the green area that says “Sign up”.  Towards the bottom on the next page click on:  Forgot USSF ID?  On the next page, fill in the required areas  and click “search”.  Wait for your USSF ID number.

ONLINE REGISTRATION (for WSRO members only) – To register online please email copy of the four requirements underlined above (USSF registration form must be scanned) to Badges will be mailed to you.


Congratulations to our referee Zoe Maxwell who was named to the first team all-State High School soccer !!                     Zoe attends Irvington High School.


December 2016 – USSF Monthly Soccer Video

USSF MONTHLY VIDEOS – USSF has published 2 videos in December.  Being a referee and Being an Assistant referee.   To see all the previous 2016 USSF videos click HERE or you may click on the 3 line symbol at the upper left corner of video to see the USSF Referee program playlist.


Concussion Course and Risk Management Protocol

Concussion Course – The United States Soccer Federation has mandated that all certified referees are required to take the Concussion Course. It is a simple online module only taking a few minutes. Those over 18 can take this module in conjunction with their Risk Management for 2016.  To see Course instructions click here

Risk Management protocol is also required for those over 18.
It is now tied to the concussion training, so you may do both–see RM instructions at
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