Recertification- Deadline Dec 10th -Register NOW !!

U.S. Soccer Registration Form

RECERTIFICATION DEADLINE – Recertification meeting is Saturday, December 10th, 2016. To fulfill the requirements go to Reg and Recert Procedure.  If you are unable to attend the recertification meeting, please read the instructions for online registration at the bottom of the Reg and Recert Procedure page.  To register online you must comply by Dec 1st. NO EXCUSES.  At this time we are NOT planning on having a late registration in January as the online test will no longer be available.  We could not make it any easier to register than we do so, please comply ASAP.

 RISK MANAGEMENT WARNING – At the meeting we accept the “completed” receipt from Risk Management (RM), not the “order” receipt.                      RECERTIFICATION TEST – If you are unable to take the test online, we will be administering the test at the Recertification meeting on December 10th.              LEVEL 9 WHO ARE REGISTERED FOR THE LEVEL 8 BRIDGE COURSE do not need to go through the Reg and Recert process as the course will count as registration and recertification.                                                                                                                                                                                                      HOW DO I GET MY USSF NUMBER? – go to:  On the top right, Click on the green area that says “Sign up”.  Towards the bottom on the next page click on:  Forgot USSF ID?  On the next page, fill in the required areas  and click “search”.  You’ll get the USSF ID number in a couple of seconds.


SPECTATOR ABUSE – If you are subjected to spectator abuse, speak to the coach to try to stop it and have him identify who the spectator is.  We have had several spectators/parents suspended from attending games due to abuse.  WYSL requires players and parents to sign a code of conduct in order for their children to play.  If they break this code, they can be suspended from attending games.  By reporting this behavior we are discouraging abuse.

Spectators asking for your name or information is considered passive/aggressive abuse and those spectators should be directed to speak with their team coach.  WSRO discourages giving out any such information or answering any questions. Direct any questions to the WYSL Director of Refereeing.

If the coach has a complaint, direct them to the Coach Comment Form in the WYSL website, which is the appropriate form to comment on the referee.


USSF MONTHLY VIDEOS – USSF monthly video (at bottom of this page) updates automatically once USSF post a new video.  Please take a look at the new video around the first of the month. This month’s (October) is on ADVICE TO NEW REFEREES.

Concussion Course and Risk Management Protocol

Concussion Course – The United States Soccer Federation has mandated that all certified referees are required to take the Concussion Course. It is a simple online module only taking a few minutes. Those over 18 can take this module in conjunction with their Risk Management for 2016.  To see Course instructions click here

Risk Management protocol is also required for those over 18.
It is now tied to the concussion training, so you may do both–see RM instructions at
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