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USSF monthly video (at bottom of this page) updates automatically once USSF post a new video.  Please take a look at the new video around the first of the month. This month’s (October) it’s on ADVICE TO NEW REFEREES.


In order to make our referee reporting a more useful tool for our Sporting Committee and the Westchester Soccer Referee Organization the WYSL Board has approved a slight change to our Sporting Score Rating System.

Our 0 – 5 Star rating for coaches, parents and players enacted last season spring has not provided us with a significate amount of accurate information that we have been striving for. The WYSL board felt that if the rating scale was simplified, our referees would be encouraged to commit to a judgement decision on the behavior they witness and provide us with more reflective and useful information.

To this end our referees will now be prompted to rate coaches, parents and players on a scale of 0 – 3 stars, with a maximum total score for the game of 9 stars. The numbers of stars are to correspond to the following:  

0 stars = Red Card Issued
1 star = Unacceptable
2 stars = Average
3 stars = Good

We readily acknowledge that there is really no rating system, no matter how clear and simple it is, that can accurately account for the variance in judgment from week to week of our over 600 referees, but we are expecting to increase the relevant information we receive from our referees as a results of utilizing a more concise rating scale.

Sincerely in Soccer,

WYSL Board of Directors

Good News about WYSL payments

If you have entered your ArbiterPay info on the Game Officials web site you will be paid this Friday Sept 30, for Sept 11, 18 and Sept 25!   If you did not enter Arbiter Pay info then YOU WILL NOT BE PAID this Friday.  Do it immediately.



STARTING INMEDIATELY, ALL WYSL U8 to U12 Games Fall Season “NO HEADING ALLOWED” per the US SOCCER Mandates.  (Because under the new USSF mandate, “calendar year”, over 20% of the U12 teams have 10 years old players).


Concussion Course and Risk Management Protocol

Concussion Course – The United States Soccer Federation has mandated that all certified referees are required to take the Concussion Course. It is a simple online module only taking a few minutes. Those over 18 can take this module in conjunction with their Risk Management for 2016.  To see Course instructions click here

Risk Management protocol is also required for those over 18.
It is now tied to the concussion training, so you may do both–see RM instructions at
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