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The home club shall be responsible for the condition of the fields, the proper marking of fields and the installation of corner flags, goals and goal nets as described the FIFA “Laws of the Game”.

  • Referees have the authority to declare a field unplayable,
  • The home team must have an extra game ball whenever the referee decides to use another ball.
  • Both teams, along with their coaches and trainers are to stay on the same side of the field (as indicated by the home team).
  • All spectators (for both teams) must be on the other side of the field and behind the appropriate sideline, and in an area between two points in line with the penalty area lines.
  • No one on the sidelines, other than a club linesperson, may be within 18 yards of the goal line.
  • The clubs are responsible for marking a line three (3) yards off the sideline on each side. All spectators, coaches and players must stay behind this line.
  • Clubs are responsible for marking the Build Out Line, midway between the top of the penalty area and the halfway line.

Referee Responsibilities

Each referee has the responsibility:

  1. To inspect the field, including the goals to ensure goal safety and size. If there are unsafe conditions, the referee may NOT allow the game to be played. This violation will be reported to the League office on the referee’s report.
  2. To check and verify the identity and passes of the coaches, assistant coaches and players. If the authorized head coach, assistant coach or League-approved substitute coach is not present, the referee may NOT allow the game to be played. This violation will be reported to the League office on the referee’s report.
  3. To provide the League with an online report of the game. Currently WYSL is accepting reports through GameOfficials.

In accordance with FIFA LAW 6 Assistant Referee (applying to Club Linespersons): The Club Linespersons shall only be responsible for indicating when the ball goes over the touch line or goal line, by raising the flag; direction shall not be indicated, nor should any other calls be signaled. Club Linespersons persons have no other function.

Rules of Play
The Rules of Play for all contests sanctioned by this League involving games for under 11 or older shall be the Laws of the Game as published by F.I.F.A. with the following modifications:

E. Duration of the Game and Ball Size:

Age Group Duration Ball Size Players Players,
under 19 and under 17 2-40 minute halves No. 5 11 7
under 16 and under 15 2-40 minute halves No. 5 11 7
under 14 and under 13 2-35 minute halves No. 5 11 7
under 12 2-30 minute halves No. 4 11 7
under 11 2-30 minute halves No. 4 9 6
under 10 and under 9 2-25 minute halves No. 4 8 5

The Rules of Play for all contests sanctioned by this League for under 10 and under 9 shall be the U.S. Soccer 8 v 8 Official Laws

Note that the Penalty Spot for U-11 is 10 yards

Field Dimensions: U-9/10: 70×50
Field Dimensions: U-11: 80×50

Note to officials: whatever size the designated field is, play the game (report inconsistencies in your game report).

Substitution Rules

  1. A team may make an unlimited number of substitutions during a game, on any stoppage of play with permission of the referee
  2. The coach must alert the referee and obtain his/her permission before substituting a player.
  3. The player leaving the game must do so before the substitute may enter the field of play.
  4. All substitutes must enter the field at the halfway line, after having received permission from the referee.


F. Goalies may wear long pants at any time. Field players may wear long pants only when the temperature is at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The referee’s decision as to the temperature shall be final. Field players must wear regular gym shorts, without long pants, at all other times. (A player who is switched from goal to the field may continue to play with long pants.)

G. T-shirts or pinnies, with or without numerals, will be permitted as an alternative uniform.