All WYSL game information will be entered on-line.

Go to the WYSL website at
click » “Referee Information”
then » “Create Referee Account”
then » “set up your new WYSL referee account” and enter your profile information.

This is where you file your game reports.  Game reports must be filed by the Monday following the weekend in which the game was played. This will be your means of entering game results, sportsmanship points, and yellow or red cards that may have been issued.  Once the report is entered by Monday evening, payment will be made through REFpay by Thursday.
If you issue a red card and eject either a player, a coach or spectator, enter the information on the online game report form and provide your comments as to what the situation was for issuing the card.  Keep the ID card of the person ejected (if a player or coach) and mail it to the WYSL office at 32 Elm Place, Suite 1S, Rye, New York 10580.