Duration of the Game and Ball Size.

Category                    Game Length Ball        Size
Varsity and JV           2-40 minute halves       No. 5
U15                               2-40 minute halves       No. 5
U14 and U13              2-35 minute halves        No. 5
U12 and U11               2-30 minute halves        No. 4
U10 and U9               2-25 minute halves        No. 4
U8 (7v7)                     2-25 minute halves         No. 3

If the game is abandoned for any reason before the beginning of the second half, the
game is postponed and will be replayed in full. If the second half has started, it is
considered a complete game. This paragraph shall not apply to the U8 4v4 divisions,
which will be handled separately.
There shall be no overtime periods in regular League competition.