revised Spring 2006

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  1. Promote the general welfare of members.
  2. Promote the sport of soccer toward a better understanding of the Laws of the Game among players, coaches, referees and spectators.
  3. In conformance with the laws, by-laws and guidelines of FIFA, USSF, ENYSASA and Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (ENYYSA) to assign referees to cover all games subject to the agreements between the WSRO and sponsoring organizations, leagues or tournaments, said agreements having been approved by the WSRO executive board.
  4. Provide opportunities for growth and advancement of members through assignments as well as instruction (clinics), information and assessments.
  5. Recruit and train new referees.


Membership shall be open to anyone who is a referee, regardless of sex, color, creed, age, religion, national origin or any other characteristic or status that is protected by law.
Members shall:

  1. Be United States Soccer Federation (USSF) certified referees.
  2. Maintain their certification and register with the USSF each year.
  3. Attend at least five (5) Organization general meetings during the soccer year (begins July).
  4. Accept officiating assignments from the WSRO Assignor(s).
  5. Abide with the objectives and By-Laws of the Organization.
  6. Pay the annual active membership dues at the beginning of each soccer year, or as otherwise determined by the WSRO executive board.


The WSRO shall be governed by rules and regulations as set forth by FIFA, USSF and ENYSSSA/ENYYSA. The WSRO shall have the express powers to:

  • Meet on a regular basis.
  • Elect officers.
  • Govern itself on a local basis.
  • Make and enforce rules and regulations for this organization.


  1. The following elected officers:
  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Recording Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Trustees (3)

and the following ex-officio positions:

  • Referee Assignor(s)
  • Coordinator of Instruction
  • Immediate Past President

will constitute the membership of the Executive Board and shall be known as Board Members.

  1. All Board Members must be members of the organization.
  2. The Executive Board shall be entrusted with policy-making and financial matters.
  3. Executive board shall have the authority to determine which leagues, tournaments or other organizations the WSRO will provide referee coverage.
  4. The Executive Board shall have authority in all areas not specifically covered in these By-Laws.
  5. All elected board members shall have voting rights, with the exception of the President, who may vote only to break a tie.
  6. The Executive Board shall approve the appointment of registered USSF Referee Assignor(s) other than those appointed by the State Referee Administrator or selected by local playing associations or leagues.
  7. The Executive Board shall determine dues structure to be paid by the members.
  8. The Executive Board shall fill a vacancy occurring in any elected office until the next general election.
  9. If a vacancy occurs during the first year of a two-year term, that vacancy will be filled at the next general election, and the term will be for the remainder of the first year.
  10. The Immediate Past President shall serve on the Executive Board for one year after his/her term as President expires.
  11. The Executive Board shall approve the appointment of members of the Arbitration Board.
  12. The Executive Board, by a majority vote, may remove, for cause, any person from any position where appointment to that position required Executive Board approval.


  1. The election of officers shall take place during the June general meeting (or at the next general meeting following June if a meeting is not held in June).
  2. All elected officers, except Trustees who shall serve one-year terms, shall each serve two (2) year terms.
  3. The President, 2nd Vice-President and Recording Secretary shall be elected in even years.
  4. The Treasurer, 1st Vice-President and Corresponding Secretary shall be elected in odd years.
  5. At least sixty (60) days before the scheduled election, the 2nd Vice-president shall select at least three (3) members to serve on the Nominating Committee, one of whom shall be designated as Chairperson.
  6. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates to be announced at the general meeting immediately preceding the general meeting at which the election is scheduled to be held.
  7. Newly elected officers will assume their duties on July 1st.
  8. No individual may serve in two elected positions. If an officer, whose term will not end as of the next election, wishes to stand for election, he/she must resign from his current position (effective on the election date) at the time he/she accepts the nomination to the new position.


  1. The President shall:
  2. be the chief executive officer and chairperson of the Executive Board
  3. preside at all meetings
  4. supervise the activity of each board member
  5. be the chief representative of the organization to the ENYYSA
  6. appoint all standing committees and be an ex-officio member of such committees
  7. advise the Executive Board of all matters pending, summon a special meeting when necessary, and take whatever steps needed to ensure integrity of the Organization and the welfare of its members
  8. not serve on the Nominating Committee, nor preside at the election of officers
  9. nominate the Chairperson of the Arbitration Committee subject to the approval of the Executive Board
  10. make recommendations to fill assignor positions other than those appointed by the state referee administrator or local leagues. These recommendations require executive board approval
  11. The 1st Vice-president shall:
  12. assist the President in all matters pertaining to the Organization
  13. preside at all meetings in the absence of the President
  14. nominate three (3) members to serve on the Arbitration Board, subject to the approval of the Executive Board
  15. nominate member(s) to fill vacancies on the Arbitration Committee, subject to the approval of the Executive Board
  16. ensure that referees are receiving opportunities that will assist them with their growth and development
  17. The 2nd Vice-President shall:
  18. assist the President in all matters pertaining to the Organization
  19. manage the mentoring program
  20. preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice-president
  21. nominate two(2) members to serve on the Arbitration Board, subject to the approval of the Executive Board
  22. be responsible for the recruitment of new members
  23. select members for the Nominating Committee
  24. The Corresponding Secretary shall:
  25. maintain communications with the membership regarding all pertinent Organization information
  26. prepare and mail all letters as instructed by the executive board or president
  27. Maintain the WSRO membership database
  28. The Recording Secretary shall:
  29. be responsible for all minutes and clerical duties
  30. read the minutes and correct any approved changes
  31. maintain on file a chronological record of all minutes and other appropriate documents
  32. maintain meeting attendance records
  33. The Treasurer shall:
  34. be responsible for the financial health of the Organization
  35. make payments upon receipt of proper documentation
  36. maintain accurate records of all income and expenditures
  37. have the books inspected annually by a professional, not currently serving on the board
  38. prepare monthly financial reports
  39. present an annual report to the general membership in May of each year that includes an income and expense statement
  40. The Trustees shall:
  41. accept assignments given by the President
  42. be concerned with the general welfare of the Organization and provide input at the Executive Board level


  1. A minimum of six (6) general meetings shall be held each year between September and June.
  2. General meetings shall be held at an established time and date, set by the President.
  3. At all general meetings, eight (8) members plus three (3) officers shall constitute a quorum.
  4. Executive Board meetings will be held at the discretion of the President.
  5. Executive meetings may also be called by at least three (3) Board Members.
  6. A quorum for an Executive Board meeting shall be six (6) Board Members present at that meeting.


  1. At general meetings, a simple majority of those voting (abstentions do not count) will carry the motion. At Executive Board meetings, a simple majority of those present (abstentions are counted) will carry the motion.
  2. The number of votes for, votes against and abstentions shall be recorded in the minutes.
  3. In voting on any executive board motion, the President shall only vote to break a tie.
  4. In order to vote, a member must be in good standing (not under suspension or probation) having fulfilled all financial obligations to the Organization.


  1. All proposed amendments must be presented to the members at the general meeting immediately prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted upon, or by mail or e-mail at least three weeks prior to the general meeting at which the proposed amendments are to be voted upon.
  2. These By-Laws may be amended at a General Meeting by a simple majority of members, a quorum being present.
  3. Any member may propose an amendment to these By-Laws.


The Arbitration Board has a dual role: fact-finding and disciplinary. The Arbitration Board shall consist of five (5) members. The President shall select the Chairperson (from among the five members), subject to the approval of the Executive Board. The first Vice-President shall select three (3) members and the Second Vice-President shall select two (2) members, all subject to the approval of the Executive Board and subject to the condition that at least two (2) members of the Committee are not members of the Executive Board. The First Vice-President fills vacancies, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
The term of the Arbitration Board members shall be two (2) years, beginning in September of the even numbered year. The Board meets when necessary, and has jurisdiction in all matters referred to it. A quorum shall be three (3) members. The Arbitration Board shall decide all cases presented to it in accordance with these By-Laws and policy established by the Executive Board, and may impose a fine, suspend for a specific period, recommend probation, reprimand, expel or acquit. All decisions of the Arbitration Board will be given in writing to the individual and the Executive Board. Decisions of the Arbitration Board may be appealed in conformance with guidelines established by the Executive Board.


All games for leagues, tournaments and other organizations approved by the Organization shall be assigned by the WSRO Assignor(s) or his/her designee. The Assignor may hold the Assignor position and another board position concurrently.


Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters not covered by the By-Laws of the Westchester Soccer Referee Organization.

Revised 2/19/06 with Executive Board approval