In case of Rain

If there is a chance of rain/cancellation due to wet pitch, before you leave for your assignment, check the WYSL websites under FIELDS / SPRING 2018 FIELD CLOSINGS, for a spreadsheet listing all fields pulled for the day.  If you don’t see your field listed, then report to your assignments.

You might hear from the coach or a local league administrator.  In this case, be sure that you inquire whether just the particular game is called off or the entire slate of games for that field.  If in doubt, check the field closings spreadsheet.  Call the Assignor only in extreme emergency.  DurIng rain dates they get hundreds of calls. For Assignors phone click HERE.

If after the following the above procedure, you arrive at your game and it does not play, you will be paid for our first game.  Make sure to submit your game report on-line and indicate the game was cancelled or field pulled.

The cancellation of WYSL travel games DOES NOT affect other league matches (i.e. Cup or Premier). Referees assigned to these matches should contact home team coaches and your assignor for all other games.  

In Case of Thunder or Lightning

At the first sound of thunder or sign of lightning, referees must pull all players off the pitch and seek shelter in a nearby building or vehicles.  Games and practices should not restart until at least 30 minutes have passed since the last thunder or lightning. Additional sound of thunder or sign of lightningresets the 30 minute count.


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