The following has been specifically developed for the WYSL, but is generally applicable across all competitions.

Referees permitting a violation of these guidelines are subject to the WSRO’s Arbitration Board hearing.

  • Shin guards – All players must wear shin guards.  Stockings must fully cover the shin guards.
  • Jewelry – NO jewelry may be worn. Tape over jewelry, such as over earrings, is never permitted.  Excuses that the ears were recently pierced or the parent will personally take responsibility are not valid reasons to allow the player to wear jewelry.
  • Medical bracelet –  securely taped to the body and showing the medical situation is the only exception.
  • Glasses – prescription eye glasses only may be worn. Lenses made of glass, rather than plastic are not permitted. Metal-framed glasses are not permitted. Plastic-framed glasses, providing they are strapped around the head, and sports goggles (wrap-around type, made of plastic) are permitted. Any other type of eyewear that the referee deems could be dangerous is not permitted.
  • Hats – Hats for goal keepers may be worn, providing that they are not dangerous, such that the brim is made of soft material; baseball-type caps with soft brims are allowed.
  • Headgear – Totally foam covered headgear with no metal clips is permissible for goalies in WYSL games.
    USSF has ruled that players may be permitted to wear headgear as long as the referee does not have reason to believe it is dangerous to the player or other players.
  • Mouthguards – Goalies may also use “Shock Doctor” mouthguards with breakaway lanyards.
  • Casts and Braces – Hard casts must be covered in sufficient soft (foam) material that the referee is satisfied that there is no danger to other players who might contact the cast: generally, ¼ inch of foam is the guideline. Any brace or splint must have no protrusions, including buckles or metal parts. All braces (especially knee and ankle braces) must be completely covered by protective material such as a neoprene sleeve.
  • Face Masks/Protectors – Face masks and protective coverings worn on the face, such as those for protection of broken noses or jaws, are not permitted.

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