• UntitledARRIVAL  – Get to your assigned field at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Introduce yourself to the coaches, check field conditions, to make certain there are no holes, standing water or sprinkler heads that could cause injuries.  Make sure both goalposts are securely anchored and cannot tip over and the nets are securely fastened. If they are not anchored or weighted down, ask the home team coach to rectify the situation.  If goals are not anchored or weighted down, you will NOT play the game.  No excuses.  Safety first.  NO weighted down goals NO GAME. 
  • PLAYER/COACHES CHECK-IN – Each coach should provide you an Official Roster with all players and coaches. The Lineup contains a listing of the players, their jersey #’s and pictures.
  • PLAYER EQUIPMENT – During your player check-in make sure you inspect the players for proper shoes /  shin-guards, and that ALL jewelry has been removed.  Everyone MUST removed earrings, bracelets, necklaces and wristwatches. NO JEWELRY whatsoever may be worn. For further information on player equipment click HERE. Medical bracelet securely taped to the body or wrist, and showing the medical situation, is the only exception.

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  • COIN TOSS – Conduct the coin toss with the winner selecting which goal to attack and the other team kicking off.  The coin toss winner will take the kickoff in the second half.
  • LINE ASSISTANTS – Ask the coaches to send their respective volunteer lines assistants to the referee to receive the flag and their instructions. Introduce yourself and thank the club lines assistants for volunteering to help. Tell the volunteers which side of the field to patrol and that they are to indicate only when the ball has completely crossed a boundary line.
  • SPECTATORS – All spectators must remain above the 18-yard line (Penalty Box). There should be no one behind the goal area. If anyone is in an inappropriate area, ask the coach to handle the situation.
  • PRE-GAME CONFERENCE – For the 3-man system, following is a checklist of items that a referee should cover with the assistant referees. Please be as comprehensive as you can when working with inexperienced referees.
    • Designate: senior AR, time backup/game length
    • State diagonal
    • Discuss Positions and Responsibilities
      • Dynamic play – second-to-last defender or the ball whichever is closer to the goal line
      • Stoppages: Throw-in, Corner Kick, Penalty Kick
      • Good goal – eye contact, sprint 5 – 10 yards up the line
      • Illegal goal – eye contact, go to corner and stand at attention
      • Fouls: Signal (foul, direction, if IFK); behind referee (severity); penalty Area
      • Ball Out of Play: Responsibility and signal
      • Mirror signals
      • Ask for Questions
  • END OF GAME  – At the end of the contest, recover your flags.
  • FILE REPORT – Immediately upon arriving home, file your game report as required by the League.   This is your final responsibility relating to the game and it is necessary in order to get paid.  Failure to enter reports could result in referee’s NOT GETTING PAID.

Field Changes
If the field is switched to one nearby, the ref should go to the new field. If the ref has a subsequent game on the first field, a representative of the home team must be present at the first field to advise the teams that the ref will be coming back … and that extra time may be required.

If the game is a forfeit, make sure you enter the report so that you, the referee, gets paid for the game. The referee must wait for his subsequent assignments on the field. Referee should not declare a forfeit; simply report the situation to the League.

No Game
If the ref goes to a field and there is no game as a result of an error by the league or the Assignor, please advise the Assignor who will confirm the error and indicate how to proceed to get paid.