The games officiated by WSRO members are governed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA.


Penal Fouls – Direct Free-Kick

  • Kicking or trying to kick opponent
  • Tripping or trying to trip opponent
  • Jumping at/into opponent
  • Charging opponent
  • Pushing opponent
  • Striking or trying to strike opponent
  • Tackling an opponent to gain possession (making contact with opponent first)
  • Holding an opponent
  • Spitting at opponent
  • Handling ball deliberately (incl. GK outside box)
  • Impeding progress of an opponent with contact (OLD obstruction)
Non-Penal Fouls – Indirect Free-Kick

  • Offside (no offside on throw in, corner kick or goal kick)
  • Goalie takes more than 6 seconds or touches ball with hand after release or after deliberate kick or throw from teammate
  • Dangerous play
  • Impeding progress of an opponent without contact (OLD obstruction)
  • Prevent GK from releasing ball from hands
  • Touching the ball a second time after the ball is in play following a throw-in, goal kick, corner kick, penalty kick or free kick
Caution – Yellow Card

  • Persistent infringement of the Laws (PI)
  • Unsporting behavior (UB)
  • Dissent by word or action (DT)
  • Delays restart of play (inc. failure to retreat required distance on free kicks or corner kicks (DR)
  • Leaves w/out ref’s permission (L)
  • Enters or re-enters w/out ref’s permission (E)
  • Distance – fails to yield required distance (FRD)
  • Obvious goal scoring opportunity denied by a penal foul offense (DGF)

Send Off – Red Card

  • Language/gesture that is abusive, insulting, or offensive (AL)
  • Obvious goal scoring opportunity denied by a penal foul offense (DGF)
  • Serious foul play (SFP)
  • Spits at an opponent or other person (S)
  • Violent conduct (VC)
  • Obvious goal scoring opportunity denied by deliberate handling (DGH)
  • Second caution (2CT)

Denying a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity

Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (DOGSO) by a deliberate handball offence the player is SENT OFF wherever the offence occurs. Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offending player is cautioned (Yellow Card) unless:

• The offence is holding, pulling or pushing or

• The offending player does not attempt to play the ball or there is no possibility for the player making the challenge to play the ball or

• The offence is one which is punishable by a red card wherever it occurs on the field of play (e.g. serious foul play, violent conduct etc.)

In the above circumstances the player is sent off (RED CARD).