Referee Official shirts (OSI) at a discount for ENY members

As you know, we are in a transition period for uniform shirts. While the new style shirts have been supplied to referees taking the entry-level courses since the beginning of this year, veteran referees have been on their own.  (Basic colors, YELLOW and GREEN, not black.)

Eastern New York has made a deal with Team Sports, an official distributor of Official Sports International (OSI). You can purchase the new style shirts as offered by OSI at a discount (approximately 18-19%) off of the OSI posted price by ordering directly from them online. Just go and place your order for as many new shirts you wish to purchase. They are the genuine OSI shirts.

A few things to be aware of:
1. you will be notified within three days that your order is being shipped or otherwise (a part of your purchase) is back-ordered.
2. You are responsible for shipping
3. You can purchase and include in your order other items as shown on the page; the deal is focused on shirts.
4.Our contact at Team Sports is Eric Mercelino,

Neither ENY nor any of our organizations will be involved in your purchase, nor gets any financial benefit from this arrangement. ***** ENY’s official supplier. (20% Discount)


The primary Uniform is:

  • Yellow Shirt and the green shirt
  • Black referee shorts
  • Black socks with two stripes with USSF logo
  • Black cleats or soccer shoes

New Shirts Colors include:

  • Blue Shirt  / Red Shirt / Black Shirt / Green Shirt

The new shirt is NOT mandatory until 2018.  The new referees will be getting the new shirts as soon as they are available so, it is alright to use the old shirt and the newer one for a 3 person team.

Any color which does not conflict with the field players’ shirts and, preferably not the goalkeepers’, may be worn.

In a three-person system, the three officials are required to wear the same color uniforms. If not possible, it is of lesser importance to wear the same length sleeves and the same stripe design (the double-stripe, the older single-stripe or the new one with two stripes). Officials must always wear the same color.

Referees who do games year-round should have jerseys that are both short and long sleeved.

WSRO Referees Should Bring To The Game The Following Equipment:

  • A stop watch (second watch as a back-up is recommended)
  • Whistle (plus a spare)
  • Set of line flags
  • Data wallet (score pad)
  • Red and Yellow Cards
  • Pen (or pencil)
  • Flipping Coin
  • USSF Badge

Additional equipment suggested:

  • Cap headgear
  • Carrying Bag
  • Air Pump (small)
  • Sun Screen
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Gloves
  • Bug Spray

A cap is now approved referee gear and is recommended be used to protect from the damaging effects of the sun.  In such case, the hat should be solid black without symbols or logos.

The objective is to maintain a professional and respectful appearance while keeping yourself warm in the cold weather. If you have a short sleeve referee shirt and need to wear something under it to stay warm – wear either black or a color that exactly matches the shirt you are wearing.
Gloves – black in color are suggested.

Stores to get ref equipment: ***** ENY’s official supplier. (20% Discount)

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