All referees, upon successful completion of the entry level Grade 8 course, are assigned the USSF level of Grade 8.
In this capacity, your assignor will consider you for initial assignments at U9/10 games and depending upon your previous experience, U11/12 games.

It is your responsibility to keep records of the games you were assigned by date, age level and location – either as a (Center) Referee or Assistant Referee (AR).

Grade 9 to Grade 8

Grade 9 Referees who have the desire to referee games at a more competitive level and are looking to continue officiating are encouraged to upgrade to the Grade 8 level.
There are no age, game count nor physical examination requirements.
The only requirement is taking the “Bridge Course”.
Courses are posted on the website and

Grade 8 to Grade 7

To upgrade from a Grade 8 to a Grade 7 contact:
Piero Olcese
ENY Area Coordinator of Assessment


  • Minimum Age: 17
  • Experience (minimum cumulative outdoor games at designated level): Referee: 75 Assistant Referee: 25
    Note: You may count rec games toward your game count provided they are age group U9-10 or higher
  • Game level to be counted for advancement: US Soccer Federation Games
  • Time in present grade: 12 months as a Grade 8 prior to application
  • Training: Successfully complete U.S. Soccer Grade 7 Referee Training Course
  • Written Exam: 80% Minimum score on USSF Grade 7 Referee Exam
  • Physical Fitness Exam: Yearly, fitness evaluation for assignment purposes.
  • Evaluation/Assessment by registered USSF Assessor: Required.
  • It is required that referees be observed once before taking the grade 7 course and once after.

Grade 7 to Grade 6

To upgrade from a Grade 7 to a Grade 6 contact:
Piero Olcese
ENY Area Coordinator of Assessment