Gino’s Wisdom


Gino D’ippolito was a FIFA level professional referee from the times when Pele, David Beckenbauer, Gerd Mueller, Johan Cruyff, etc., and other notables were playing in the NASL.  He never ceased to be a WSRO Referee and refereed and mentored for the WSRO until a few years ago.

This is his advice to referees


  1. Take your time. It’s better to make the right call late, than make the wrong call.

  2. Talk, talk, talk, talk, to players. If you talk to players you don’t need to use your cards.

  3. Never show them that you are scared.

  4. You got to eat them before they eat you. Take no prisoners.

  5. Don’t ever take any crap from players or coaches, especially hand gestures.

  6. Read the game; read the players. You gotta smell the fouls before they happen.

  7. Run to the spot of the foul. That’s where bad things happen

  8. Don’t do it for the money. There’s no money here! 

  9. People did not come here to watch you referee. They came to watch the game.

  10. You should remember every red card you ever gave and why you gave it.

  11. Big foul, BIG WHISTLE; small foul, small whistle.

  12. Signal with authority. Show them that you are 100% sure of your call.

  13. Act professional. Go into every game like it’s the World Cup. I don’t care if it’s a kids game on Sunday morning or NYCFC v Red Bulls – act professional.

  14. What is Law 12? Recognize the foul and deal with it.

  15. Expect the unexpected. “Things” happen.