USSF Certification for Affiliated Youth and Amateur Games

US Soccer entry referee course level is now Grassroots Referee.

Referee certification courses are now open.

New York State requires referees be 14 years old or older in order to work as a Referee.

The three main parts to become a referee are:

1. Online Grassroots Referee Course Module, approximately 4 ½ hours via the US Soccer Federation Learning Center (LC)

2. Zoom class led by an Eastern New York instructor (approx. 2 hour)

3. Field training session, conducted by local Referee Organization, (WSRO), 2 hour, on the field.

Registrations and payment ($170) are made through the LC.  There are Zoom classes currently  scheduled in each of the next two months*.  To be admitted to a zoom class, one must first complete the Online Grassroots Referee Course Module as well as other prerequisites as shown below (see components), all taken through the LC.

Upon completion of the zoom class, the student will order his/her referee uniform package (consisting of 2 shirts, socks, shorts, yellow/red cards, line flags, whistle, flip coin and carrying bag–paid for as part of the course fee) and join a local referee association, for example Westchester Soccer Referee Organization (WSRO) covering Westchester, Bronx and upper Manhattan.  The WSRO will hold a field session, after which the student will receive his/her badge and will be certified to officiate.

All this is included in the instructions to be found at:

Click HERE for Instructions on how to register for New Referee Course

This link should take you through the entire process, summarized as follows:

1) register for a Grassroots Course which has an associated ZOOM session

2) complete the online modules (three components; Laws of the Game, Safe Sport; and the Safe and Healthy Playing Environments.   Plus the Grassroots quiz.)

3) attend the ZOOM meeting

4) Become a member and complete a Field Session with your local association

5) create an Eastern NY profile in the Game Officials system

US Soccer Learning Center Course COMPONENTS:

  • Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments

  • SafeSport (if 18 years or older)

  • Online Grassroots Referee Course Module

  • First Time Grassroots Referee Quiz

  • US. Soccer Federation Gold Standard NCSI Background Check (if 18 years or older)

The required minimum age is 14 years at time of enrollment. 

Please enter the student’s name (not the parent’s).

Tutorials and support contacts are provided within.

How to Video on Assignments

1) Go to “My courses” 

2) Select your course, then click Go To Classroom 

3) Select the “assignments” tab at the top of the page when you are in your course 

4) Be sure to complete all assignments and make sure you have a green check mark on each assignment

If you have any questions, get back to us.

Jerry Fischoff—Recruitment;

Jack Langstine—Instruction Coordinator;


*Note: Once one has created a profile, one is able to access the course dates.

To see the zoom class schedule: .  ENY classes are shown in the Schedule as “New Grassroots Course with Zoom Date.”  Do not choose one in another state.