USSF Certification for Affiliated Youth and Amateur Games

US Soccer entry referee course level is now Grassroots Referee.

The referee certification has these components:

  • A four-hour online module on the US Soccer Federation Learning Center website.

  • For those who will have reached 18 years of age by the end of 2020, the one-hour online module on “Safe Sport” online module.

  • In-person classroom training consisting of 4 hours in the class plus another hour on-field training.  (fee $190 includes a full uniform (with two shirts) and gear (line flags, whistle, yellow/red cards, flip coin, carrying bag)).

  • Becoming a member of the Westchester Soccer Referee Organization. (New referee fee $40)

Use the referee student’s proper name and email for all the registrations. (can include parent email as a secondary email with USSF—communications will go to both)

Upon completion of the Learning Center and SafeSport (if required), download and print the certificates—this is critically important as they will be your admission to the local In-Person classroom session, for which there is a separate registration on Game Officials, at which time you will pay for the course certification.   The next in-person class and field session in Westchester will be posted under the “Meetings, Clinic and Courses” tab.  Sessions to follow in various locations in Westchester and Upper Manhattan as well as throughout eastern NY State.  

Click here for Course Registration Instructions

Additional Information

Referees must also become members of the WSRO (Westchester Soccer Referee Organization) where they attend clinics, get mentored, etc. Local association dues of $40 (for new Referees) are collected separately.  Once referee dues are paid, the WSRO will contact assignors with the list of certified referees.  One must be 14 years of age to referee / work in New York State. The Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) only assigns (center) referees 15 years and older. But 14 year-olds will find plenty of assignments as Assistant Referees (line).

Most referees start with no older than U12 age games until you get some experience.  Referees select games based upon their availability.  For the fees for the WYSL click HERE

For Laws of the Game including new changes:

For information, contact Jack Langstine:-